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Residential Surge Protection

Residential Surge Protection For Your Home

Residential Surge Protection

We live in the lightning capital of the United States. We should protect our greatest investments from this element. Contact us for details on how to better protect your home or business from surges to your electrical system, CATV and phone system. Surges can also enter your home as a result of the power lines or the power company having a malfunction.

Protect Your Home from Electrical Surges

Installing Surge protection and making sure your current surge protection system is working properly is important.

Most surge protection devices have an indicator light to show wether it is working correctly or not. It is important to keep an eye on the indicator light through out the year to make sure you are protected. Once a surge protector takes a strong hit it may not reset and you can determine this by looking at the indicator light built into the surge protector.

The National Lightning Safety Institute reported that 1 out of every 200 homes will be struck each year in the U.S.

Surge ProtectionLightning can contribute to 3 different types of damaging forces, Fire, Power surge and Shock wave. It may be a good idea if there is a direct lightning strike to call the fire department. One of the  common locations for fire to break out is in the attic.

Lightning is damaging with a direct hit but it can also be damaging if it strikes nearby. When lightning strikes a nearby tree it will conduct down through the tree into the ground and jump onto underground wiring for your power supply, phone or cable wires that leads to your home and damage your sensitive equipment.

We offer Surge Protection for:

  • Power
  • Cable Lines
  • Phone Lines

There are different levels of surge protection available depending on your needs. The surge protectors we install are backed by the manufacturer warranty against damage to your sensitive equipment if they don't perform as listed.

Surge Protection devices are installed in the electrical panel.

When your in an electrical storm stay indoors away from the windows and stay off phones that are corded to the wall. Do not touch metals and wear shoes if you have bare concrete floors. Do not take a shower or stay in the pool. Water is conductive to electricity.

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