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Breaker Replacement

Residential Breaker Replacements


Is your breaker tripping or not resetting?

When a breaker trips it is usually doing its job. The heat at the buss bar from a breaker going bad can spread problems to other breakers. This is a loose connection on the buss bar. Breakers can also trip when the wire loosens on the breaker. The loose connection creates a hot spot that trips breaker. Wires that are connected to breakers naturally loosen over time.

A breakers job is to protect you and your property from electrical shorts or short circuits. There are many types of breakers available. Some replacement breakers fit a vast majority of electrical panels. It is very important and by code that only breakers designated for certain electrical panels be installed in them. This is because the UL listing has been approved for that installation.

Installing the incorrect breaker in your panel will effect the performance of the breaker to work properly.

How to reset a tripping breaker:

To reset a breaker, turn it all the way off then turn it back on. You should feel or hear a small click. If a breaker continues to trip it means that you have an electrical issue.


When to call an Electrician:

If a breaker continues to trip it means that you have an electrical issue. It is time to call an electrician. They will check

  • Your voltage (Checking the voltage will make sure the power is good.)
  • Your Amps (The Amps are checked with an amp probe to determine the flow of current or power used.)
  • and Continuity on the line (The continuity is a meter that reads any short in the circuit to another conductor.)

Before replacing the breaker, the Electrician will check to make sure the amps are with in the limits for the circuit. They will also turn off all the light switches and unplug cords from outlets to eliminate problems with those devices.

There are a wide range of issues that can cause a breaker to trip. From the obvious bad breaker to a short being on the line or an overloaded circuit. It is our job to figure it out quickly and to make sure your electrical problem is resolved.

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