LED Lighting Conversions

LED Lighting Conversions

Converting your existing lighting to LED will save you time and money over the life of your fixtures.

LED lighting has become very economical over the years. LED is low maintenance and produces vey little heat. Most manufacturers have a 50,000 hour guarantee.(over time fluorescent &hid lighting loose there luster due to degrading.

Many retrofit installation qualify for government and power company rebates.

Once we determine your needs we can check for qualification on rebates or tax rebates that may be available to you.
LED retrofitting is typically a very simple modification. Manufactures have made most installation to be quick and efficient.
LED lighting uses very little electricity and produces very little heat which helps your A/C system work less.

LED Retrofits are Available for :
  • Office Lighting
  • Warehouse Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Recess Can Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • …and More!

Outdated fluorescent lighting if not maintained properly can make a place look dark and unwelcoming. New lighting can help your place look bright and welcoming.


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