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Electric Sign Repairs

Electric Sign Repairs for Central FL Region

Electric Sign Repairs

Electric sign repairs help keep your business noticed when it is dark. Replacing your existing sign ballast with a more energy-efficient ballast and lamps can help lower your electrical bill and reduce the maintenance needed to keep your sign noticed.

Many times when a sign is not working it can be the time clock or photocell or even a loose connection in the circuit.

Having a sign that lights some of the time or is inconsistent could be frustrating to the business owners.

Signs general uses a sign ballast and Fluorescent light bulbs. Some of the typical problems with signs are the lamp connectors that hold in the light bulb these get overheated over time and break down.

An electrician will first test the power to make sure the sign has proper voltage. Then he will test the ballast to make sure it is putting out voltage to each of the bulbs. 1 Sign ballast usually illuminates many lamps in a sign.

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