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Commercial Lighting Repairs for Home or Business

Commercial Lighting Repairs

Lighting repairs and installation include troubleshooting with ballast and lamp change out or the installation of new lighting.

Having the proper lighting is important for your customers,  employees and your products. Using the correct type of lighting for your particular application is important for safety, production, and sales.

Fluorescent lighting has come a long way over the years. There are a variety of fluorescent or equivalent lighting available to you. Older style T12 fluorescent were efficient for their time. Typically a 2x4 fluorescent fixture in an office with 4 lamps have 2 ballast. 1 ballast for every two lamps. Replacing them with with T8 or T5 ballast and lamps will give you more efficient lighting.

Conversion kits from fluorescent to LED are also available.

Emergency Exit and lighting repairs and installation is important to keep your place of business safe during a power outage. Fire codes require that when there is interruption in power supply your emergency and exit lighting needs to activate under battery power and illuminate the exit pathways.

To test if your emergency lighting is working correctly press the test button that should be easy to locate on the fixture. If the emergency fixture illuminates you are all set. If it doesn't, give us a call we can give you options on repairs or replacement.

Warehouse lighting is important for safety and production. We can repair or give you options for High bay and Low bay Lighting for large spaces like Warehouses and Department stores. Installing the right light at the proper height and using the correct type of light for the application is important to get the most out of your lighting.

Our electrician will offer suggestions on how to best repair or install new lighting.

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