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Commercial Panel Box Repair

Commercial Panel Box Repair and Replacement


Your panel box is the heartbeat of your electrical system.

Panel Box Repair If your power is surging going on and off the problem may be associated with the buss bar not making a proper connection to your breakers. You are in need of a commercial panel box repair or breaker box replacement. Over time buss bars weaken and deteriorate causing a bad connection to the breaker. The metal gets soft making it hard for the breaker to make a good connection.

You have many choices when it comes to picking a replacement panel that will last. Some of the better panels that are available have a copper buss bar and the breakers bolt in to the buss bar. Once your electrician has been able to evaluate your particular problem he will give you suggestions to help in your decision.

Performing preventative maintenance routinely on your equipment will increase the lifespan of your panels buss. Identifying a loose connection before it gets bad helps prevent it from spreading to the nearby breakers. The additional heat provided by the breaker going bad adds additional heat to the other breakers causing them to malfunction.

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