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Electrical Maintenance & Safety Inspections

Electrical Maintenance & Safety Inspections In Central FL

Electrical Maintenance & Safety Inspections

You have probably heard if its not broke don't fix it. The problem with that is that if you wait too long your problem may spread. Heat is one of the worst enemies of electrical equipment. An unrepaired electrical problem will continue to generate heat that can spread and damage other breakers.

Taking care of your existing electrical system by doing periodic Maintenance and Safety Inspections keep your costs down in the long run by not having to replace expensive equipment.

Routine inspections every 2 to 3 years helps reduce these expenses. The idea is to get in front of a problem before it contaminates other parts of the system. Over time, the use of electricity produces heat on the electrical connections. The heat causes expansion and contraction of the electrical connections causing them to loosen.

Most of the panel changes we encounter can be prevented with a little routine maintenance. It is not uncommon to go to an old electrical panel that has not had maintenance and have all the wires that terminate in it be loose.

Electrical Maintenance

Your electrician will tighten all connections in your electrical box and look for any signs of damage or overheating. They will also look for any unused opening along the exterior of your panel box to seal up.

Safety Inspections

Your electrician will make sure all of your electrical safety equipment is properly working. They will check that your Exit and Emergency lights activate when power is lost and that your GFCI outlets are properly working.

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