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Residential Landscape Lighting

Create Ambiance and Value with Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Landscape Lighting

Brandon Electric offers design and installation for landscape lighting with LED options and automated control. We can also make repairs that are needed to your existing landscape lights.

Installing the proper landscape lights will allow you to enjoy the enhancements to your property with very little maintenance.

Landscape lighting typically comes in 120v or 12v with many options on lighting styles. You can choose to control by typical light switch or have it automated. 12v lights require a transformer to be installed to power the lights.

Wired landscape lights in 120v will need to have the wire buried to a much deeper depth than the 12v lighting system. 12v lighting system does not cause an electrical hazard if wired correctly which makes it easier for home owners when it comes to maintenance on the lighting.

Properly installed landscape lighting can beautify your property and add security lighting at the same time if it is installed correctly.

Generally there are 2 types of lights, Floods and spots. Flood lights illuminate a particular area where as spots direct the light onto a certain object. Lights come in various wattage which indicate on how bright they are. If you are aiming it up the side of a tree you would want to use a higher wattage to give the proper illumination up the tree. This would be a spot light. Using the proper flood light on a patch of flowers will cast a beautiful glow over them at night.

Most people Install outdoor landscape lighting to enhance the look of their property at night and to add security. If you are trying to sell your property, landscape lighting will enhance the look of your home when people see it at night.

Choosing Brandon Electric to install your landscape lighting will insure that it is properly installed.

Our electrician will listen carefully to your needs and make suggestions for your concerns. Once you approve the job we will provide you with specifications on the lighting for your approval.

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