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Top Quality Electrical Meter Can Replacement and Installation

Top Quality Electrical Meter Can Replacement and Installation


Replacement of meter cans is typically needed when the interior jaws become defective or fatigued. This can often be prevented with preventive maintenance. When electricity flows through wire it produces heat. This heat causes expansion and contraction. The expansion and contraction causes the screws to loosen in your panel and meter. Torqueing these screws once a year can prevent costly problems. Brandon Electric Inc. offers a preventive maintenance program, please call for details.

Your meter can is where the power company plugs in a meter to calculate your power usage. This is usually located at the entry point into your home from the power company at the beginning of your electrical system.

If your lights are dimming and your power is fluctuating this may be a sign that your meter can is having problems.

Your power company may also recommend that you replace it if they discover it is going bad.

The time to replace meter can or jaws vary depending on the style and circumstances but most are completed within a couple of hours.

Having a preventive electrical program can catch many of these issues before they get expensive.


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