Parking Lot Lighting Repairs

Parking Lot Lighting Repairs


Parking lot lighting is important for the safety of your employees and customers.

Our bucket truck service provides a variety of services for you from troubleshooting to repairs and replacement. Our electricians will also make suggestions if you request the need for more lighting in a certain area.

Most lighting for parking lots are HID type of light typically Metal Halide or Mercury Vapor. When these light quit working but still have power it is generally related to one or all of the internal parts. Lights have a ballast a stater & capacitor along with the bulb.

Our electrician will first check for power. If power is present he will conduct a test using a Ballast and Lamp tester this will determine the part that is malfunctioning. In most cases light will require a ballast kit or lamp.

It is recommended that when a ballast kit is replaced that the lamp should also be replaced for compatibility to ballast and eliminates the need for return service to replace a bulb in the near future.

LED conversion kits our also available for pole lighting.

These kits wire into your existing electrical system to convert your existing light. LED lighting will provide you with many years of low maintenance with energy savings cost.

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