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Commercial Meter Banks l Cans

Commercial Meter Banks Cans

Your meter bank or meter can is where the power supply comes into your building where it is used to measure the power consumed. Brandon Electric has a wide variety of Meter Bank parts in stock for those hard to find pieces.

  • Multi Gang Meter Banks
  • Single Meters
  • Meter Center Replacement Parts
  • Meter Center Main Breakers
  • Meter Center Fuses
  • Meter Center Preventative Maintenance

Having electrical surges in more than 1 unit is usually a sign of a problem within the meter bank.

Meter banks are assembled in sections that bolt together. Over time these connections become loose and deteriorated causing the surging when electrical power is being used. Meter bank replacement can take most of a day. Brandon Electric would coordinate with the power company and your office on a scheduled shut down so you can inform your tenants. Most shut downs take place around 8 am and are ready for hook up by the afternoon.

New Meterbanks will also get an address label engraved and attached to each meter designation.

An electrical Permit is required for Meter bank change outs.

Meter can replacement is needed when the electrical meter is failing to make a good connection. In many cases, depending on the age and type of meter can you have the owner can have us change out just the interior.

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