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Meter Bank Installation

Prompt Meter Bank Installation

meter bank installation

Meter banks are often needed in multi unit dwellings and commercial buildings.

Replacements of meter banks are often needed when their parts wear out due to fatigue and overheating or little to no maintenance. To avoid these repairs perform maintenance on your meter bank and panels regularly. The equipment Brandon Electric provides for replacement is top quality and will give years of service for your investment.

Replacing the meter bank also includes the replacement of the main breakers and installing proper grounding to ground rods.

Brandon electric has many Brands of spare parts available for your existing meter banks. Meter bank replacement will take most of the day, and power will be restored to units once complete. Meter banks are typical in multi unit buildings.

If you are experiencing power fluctuations or main breakers burn out quickly chances are that you are in need of a meter bank change out.

Having your meter bank on a maintenance program where you tighten the connections to the wires every couple of years when you perform preventive maintenance will help your equipment last longer and avoid unexpected and expensive shut downs.


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