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Commercial Diagnosis, Electrical Repairs & Service

Troubleshooting your electrical problem quickly is our goal

Our Electricians are equipped with in-wall and underground wire tracers that help in tracing circuits to identify faults to repair them. Lighting repairs and installation include troubleshooting with ballast and lamp change out. Our electrician will offer suggestions on how to best repair or install new lighting.

LED Lighting Conversions

Save time and money over the life of your fixtures! LED lighting has become very economical over the years. LED is low maintenance and produces very little heat. Most manufacturers have a 50,000 hour guarantee.


Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is important for the safety of your employees and customers. Our bucket truck service provides a variety of services for you from troubleshooting to repairs and replacement. Our electricians will also make suggestions if more lighting is required in a certain area.

Electric Sign Repairs

Keep your business noticed when it is dark. Replacing your existing sign ballast with a more energy efficient ballast and lamps can help lower your electrical bill and reduce the maintenance needed to keep your sign noticed.

Panel Box Repair & Replacement

The customer has many options when it comes to upgrading or replacing their existing panel box. Your Panel box is the heartbeat of your electrical system.


Breaker Replacement

Are you experiencing a breaker tripping or not resetting at all? When a breaker trips it is usually doing its job. A breaker’s job is to protect you and your property from electrical shorts.


Dedicated Outlets & Circuits

Replacing or having new equipment installed may require a specific electrical connection. Before buying new equipment that is specific in its requirements contact us to make sure it is compatible to your existing system.

Meterbanks & Meter Can

Your Meter bank or Meter Can is where the power supply comes into your building where power used is measured. Brandon Electric has a wide variety of Meter Bank parts in stock for those hard to find pieces.

New Construction, Remodels & Additions

Choosing an electrician for a new project is a critical step in the progress of your project. Choosing Brandon Electric helps you not worry about meeting deadlines or unnecessary holdups.

Electrical Maintenance & Safety Inspection

Taking care of your existing electrical system by doing periodic maintenance and Safety inspections keep you cost down in the long run by not having to replace expensive equipment.


Surge Protection & Lightning Inspection

Living in an area known for strong lightning and power surges Installing a surge protection device is an important investment. Surge protection devices help protect your sensitive equipment from electrical surges.If you have experienced a lightning hit or Surge first determine if the Fire Department is needed. Once you have hired an electrician, have them inspect your electrical system and the surge protection.

Landscape & Sign Lighting

Installation of proper landscape lighting and Sign lighting can add elegance and security to your property. Installation requires proper sizing of underground wiring the right type of light for your needs.

Single Phase & Three Phase Equipment

Commercial power is typically delivered by the power company in single or three phase power at either 120-240v or 277-480v. Brandon Electric has experience dealing with either type of power supply.
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