Single Phase & Three Phase power Equipment

Single Phase and Three Phase Commercial Service


Commercial power is typically delivered by the power company in single or three phase power at either 120-240v or 277-480v. Brandon Electric has experience dealing with either type of power supply. The different types of power supply available to you is determined by your power company in your area. Certain equipment is only compatible with certain types of power and some equipment is designed for a wide range of power.

Replacing 3 phase Disconnects, Transformers and Motors correctly is important so there is not a phase rotation problem. This happens when the wires are installed improperly which can damage equipment and cause motors to run backwards. Our electricians are highly skilled in this type of installation and repairs.

Brandon electric can help you make the right choice when deciding which equipment is right for you.

By looking at the equipment specification and your current power supply we can give you options to providing electrical power connections. Our electrician will also go over with you on how the installation will take place and address any concerns you may have.

Wire size for commercial equipment is very important for the lifespan of equipment. Installing wire that is too small may allow the equipment to operate but the components would be under a strain because of voltage drop causing them to fail quicker.

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