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Circuit and Outlet Installations


Replacing or having new equipment installed may require a specific electrical connection with a dedicated circuit. Before buying the new equipment, contact us to make sure it is compatible to your existing electrical system.

Call us today for more information and upfront costs for installing dedicated circuits for new equipment.

Electrical System Evaluation

Our electrician will evaluate your electrical system and the piece of equipment being connected and give you an estimate for the proper installation of your new circuit.

The wire size needed depends on the distance from the electrical panel and the amperage of the new equipment and the voltage type. Not sizing the wire correctly can shorten the life of your equipment due to voltage drop problems. Equipment may still operate even though its components are put under a strain. Correct wire size for voltage drop is an easy calculation for the professional electrician.

Your electrician will need to know the voltage and amperage that is needed. They will then determine what size breaker is needed and the size of the wire and conduit needed to power up the new outlet.

The electrical outlet must also be compatible for its equipment. The electrician will evaluate your information to insure the proper outlet is installed. If not, we can provide quick, safe, and affordable electrical outlet installation.

Tripping breakers occasionally need dedicated circuits that help absorb part of a load when existing outlets get overloaded by new devices being plugged in over time.
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