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Electrical Outlet Orlando

Electrical Outlet in Orlando & Other Cities

Electrical Outlet OrlandoInstalling an electrical outlet may seem like an easy job, but our professional electricians at Brandon Electric can make the job much easier. Our licensed electricians can help you determine the right outlets for the home or business and help you decide on the correct amperage for the job.

Different Types of Electrical Outlets

When thinking about making upgrades at your home or business with an additional electrical outlet, it helps to know which types of outlets are available and what your options are.

  • GFCI Outlets: This electrical outlet is meant to turn off the power quickly if it detects a short circuit. These can be more expensive than regular outlets, but they may be required in locations such as bathrooms or kitchens.
  • AFCI Outlets: An AFCI outlet looks similar to a GCFI outlet. A house built after 1999 should have AFCI circuit breakers installed. If you live in an older house, you can install these outlets at the beginning of every circuit, which protect all outlets. There is no requirement to add these outlets, but if you plan on adding more circuits, then you need to install AFCI outlets.
  • 20A Outlets: This electrical outlet makes it easier to use power hungry devices without tripping the breaker, since they can support more amperage compared to other outlets. These outlets are typically found in garages, laundry rooms and kitchens where the most power-hogging appliances are located.
  • Switched Outlets: If you want to control the power by turning it on and off, use a switched outlet. This will be helpful if you have something plugged into this outlet but don’t want to have it on the entire time.
  • USB Outlets: These outlets have a USB port built in to easily charge devices. Even though there are many different popular USB devices, these outlets aren’t installed in modern homes by default. Electrical installation of these outlets, however, is easily done and can add countless value.
  • Smart Outlets: These outlets can be controlled by your smartphone, so they can be turned on and off from anywhere.

If you are looking for an electrician for electrical installation of an electrical outlet in your home or business, contact Brandon Electric. We are proud to offer electrical installation services to those in Orlando, Winter Park, Clermont, Kissimmee, Lakeland and other cities.

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