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Brandon Electric Repair

Brandon Electric Repair

Brandon Electric Repair

Do you have an electric repair project
that you don't feel comfortable tackling by yourself?

Brandon Electric repair services are just a phone call away.
We offer around-the-clock services to our customers and can help you with any electric issue, big or small.

At Brandon Electric, we take pride in out work and our customers.
Here are a few things that we offer all of our customers.

Up-front pricing

  • 20 years of service
  • Same Day Service
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Each electrician is certified and hand-selected

Here are a few of Brandon Electric repair services that many homeowners and businesses use every day:

Ceiling Fan Help

Ceiling fans are different that other light fixtures. They have some special feature that can only be addressed by a certified professional electrician with years of experience. Brandon Electric Repair will ensure your ceiling fan does not fail you in the middle of summer.

Doorbell Repair

No one likes to push a doorbell only to stand waiting at the door for another 5 minutes.  Luckily, Brandon Electric services can explore and repair or replace your doorbell with ease. There are many different types of doorbells, so be sure to talk with our electrician to see which one you have and how we can help.

Electric wiring 

This is a broad category, and can apply to anything that requires electricity in a business or a home. Lights, outlets ,and switches all have some kind of wiring. Water heaters, for instance, use a large amount of power whereas landline phones use very little. Either way, sometimes it is best to let a professional electrician from Brandon Electric Repair to help tackle the issue

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