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Residential Installations

Residential Installations in Central FL

Residential Installations


We Have The Experience

Our many years of service throughout the Tampa Bay Area has taught us how many of the homes are wired and  given us the experience required to quickly identify and solve common problems.

We Pride Ourselves On Quality

We install quality parts that are UL listed; not bootlegged parts that are copied and sold on the black market. There are many electrical companies that will use these parts to keep there prices low. From time to time we receive faxes in our office of electrical products that are sold at an extreme discount. This equipment often lacks proper testing and is not designed to last for many years. Hire Brandon Electric and rest easy knowing that everything we install is UL rated and designed to last!

Residential Installation Services


Residential Lighting and Ceiling Fans

Electrician will professionally install your ceiling fans and make sure that they are properly wired and balanced. Electrician will install your fan onto a properly rated fan box. Electrician will show the customer on how to easily change the rotation of the fan by a flick of a switch to get the most out of there fan depending if its summer or winter.

Residential Generator Hookups/Emergency Power

Generator Electrician will go over your needs and recommend choices and options that fit your budget and requirements. Electrician will also go through the start up process with a demonstration and show you the important aspects to your new system.

Residential Landscape Lighting

Well designed Land scape lighting can provide great accents to a home and provide security lighting as well. Electrician can provide you with choices for installing low maintenance lighting that is also energy efficient.

Residential Surge Protection

Installing preventative measures to protect your home and property due to lightning strikes is a sound investment. Lightning can enter your home from a direct hit or a power surge by traveling through the wiring that leads to your home from either the power company, cable or phone lines.

Residential New Construction, Remodels and Additions

Starting a new project can be stressful. Brandon electric will help reduce that stress when it comes to the electrical for your new project. Our services provide a turn key installation with quality parts and services.

Residential Meter Banks

We have a large stock supply of used meter banks where we can offer replacement parts at a low cost and options for the replacement of your existing meter bank. We will coordinate all shut downs with the power company.

Residential Meter Cans

Meter cans go bad overtime if not properly maintained. This happens mainly by connections getting loose over time. Repairs and replacement can be done quickly to get your electricity up and running.

Residential Spa Wiring/Spa Hookups

A spa can be a great investment and a great way to relax. The key is the correct installation of the electrical power and that it meets code so you are safe in and around your spa.

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