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Save Money and Energy with Solar Power

Save Money and Energy with Solar Power - Brandon Electric

Save Money and Energy with Solar Power

We are licensed to install solar power systems for your home!

Solar power, with state and federal incentives, is cheaper than ever. Cost of electricity will continue to escalate from power companies. This is a way to lock in your rate for many years.

If you are looking to offset the cost of electricity and if you live in the Brandon or Tampa area or in Hillsborough, Pasco or Polk counties Brandon Electric would be happy to do an evaluation on your home to calculate the savings and the investment that will be needed. Typically after 1 year and receiving the state and federal rebates, adding the extra value a system adds to a home, the homeowner will be ahead on the investment.

Builders should also consider adding the option to help sell their homes.

Solar power, also know as a photovoltaic system, if installed properly maximizes the use of the suns energy to produce solar power. In Hillsborough county home owners sign up for net metering where the power you produced is sold back to the power company at the same rate you are charged.

The cost of a solar power system depends on the room available for installation and the requirements of the home owner. Many systems can be installed for under $20,000.

The amount of money you save depends on the size of the system you choose and how it is installed for maximum efficiency.

There are typically two mounting styles, either roof mount or ground mount, and you would want the entire system pointing south with no shade from around 8am to 4pm.

A 5000 watt system will save approximately $125 a month off your electric bill

Solar panels are popping up on the roofs of businesses and homes all across the Tampa Bay area, and it takes a specially trained electrician to install them so you get the most out of your system.

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