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Replacing an Electrical Panel

Replacing an Electrical Panel in Orlando, Kissimmee & Beyond

Replacing an Electrical PanelIf you need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel, let the experts at Brandon Electric, Inc. handle the job. Our team can work quickly at replacing an electrical panel in your home or office, and we’ll always provide the top-quality workmanship that you deserve. We are a licensed electrical contractor and can provide residential and commercial electric repair and installations for customers throughout Central Florida, so speak to our team today about your electrical panel and learn if an upgrade or replacement is right for you.

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Replacing an Electrical Panel Is NOT a DIY Job

Most home and business owners know that replacing your electrical panel yourself is ill-advised. Your electrical system is dependent on the panel operating properly and efficiently, and it can be downright dangerous to attempt the work yourself. It’s always best to hire licensed and insured professionals for big electrical jobs, and our team is here to support your family or business by offering top-rated services at great rates.

Is It Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

There are many signs and symptoms of outdated or deficient electrical panels, which include the following and more:
• Frequent Breaker Tripping
• Electric Shocks from Switches & Outlets
• Panel Is 10 Years Old or More
• Discoloration from Burns on the Breaker Box
• Smell of Smoke or Burning from Outlets and/or Breaker Box
• Noisy Breaker Box (Crackling)
• Outlets Spark Upon Plugging in an Appliance
• Appliances Frequently Overheat

If you are experiencing one or more of the above issues with your electrical system, it is time to consult the professionals at Brandon Electric, Inc. Request an appointment with our experts today!

Brandon Electric, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that supports customers in Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park, Lakeland, Riverview, and elsewhere throughout Central Florida. If you are thinking of replacing an electrical panel, are wondering how much it costs to upgrade an electrical panel, or want advice on how to upgrade your electrical system, contact us today!

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