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Motion Sensor Light

Get a Motion Sensor Light Installed at Your Home or Business

Motion Sensor Light

One of the greatest security features of any home or business is its lighting. A well-lit property is a property that thieves and vandals tend to stay away from. After all, it increases their likelihood of getting caught if they can be easily seen during the crime. That's why we recommend motion sensor lights to all of our customers. At Brandon Electric, we take our customers' security seriously, and we provide motion sensor light installation for residential and commercial properties alike. Learn more by speaking with our experts today.

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Why Choose a Motion Sensor Light?

Unlike other security lighting that remains on at all times, lights that work by motion sensor won't draw energy until they are triggered by motion in the sensor regions of the light. This means that you can save money on energy costs by not keeping the lights on all night long.

In addition, consistent light can be an eyesore, especially at night. By utilizing an outdoor motion sensor light that is triggered only by motion sensors, you can enjoy the serenity of the night - and keep neighbors happy - whenever your property is clear of movement.

How Quickly Can I Install Motion Sensor Lighting?

Brandon Electric can schedule appointments quickly at a time that works best for you. Installing a light that operates via motion sensor is no more challenging than wiring for any light - and the cost is relatively low. If you already have wiring in place and simply need to swap out the fixture and lighting itself, the process is even easier.

Our team is proud to serve customers throughout Central Florida, including homes and businesses in Tampa, Lutz, Riverview, Carrollwood, Cheval, and beyond. If you are ready to install motion sensor lighting at your property, contact us today.

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