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Emergency Electrical Repairs

Emergency Electrical Repairs in Central Florida & Beyond  

Emergency Electrical RepairsTo protect the safety of your family, you need to call an electrician for emergency electrical repairs at the first sign of an electrical emergency. If you wait too long to call an electrician, you could risk creating a serious safety hazard on your property.

When to Call an Electrician for Emergency Electrical Repairs

If you notice any of these situations, it's time to call an emergency electrician at Brandon Electric:

  • You See Smoke, Flames, or Sparks: If you see smoke, flames or sparks, there is an emergency. In the event of smoke, flames or sparks, you should first call the fire department for your safety and to protect your property. Next, be sure to call an emergency electrician. Letting the problem persist can result in a fire and cost thousands of dollars in damages.
  • You See Exposed Wires: You shouldn’t use cords or outlets with exposed wiring. If there are wires that are live and not insulated, you could be at risk for burns and fires. It’s important to not touch the wires and call an electrician immediately.
  • The Circuit Panel Is Wet: Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. If you notice corrosion or moisture around the main circuit panel in your home, you need an electrician to immediately address the issue.
  • Frequent Power Interruption: The outlets in your home should be able to handle the voltage requirements of your lights and appliances. If you have frequent power interruption, your system is not wired correctly and could start a fire.
  • Electrical Power Outage: It’s normal to panic when the power goes out. If it’s the whole neighborhood that doesn’t have power, there isn’t a need to panic. However, if it’s only your house that is experiencing an outage, an emergency electrician can get to the bottom of what is causing the outage and start any residential electrical repair.

At Brandon Electric, we have electricians on call 24/7 for emergency electrical repairs as well as general commercial and residential electrical repair services. We serve homes and businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Winter Park, and beyond. Contact us now!

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