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Upgrade Your Home's Technology Today!

Choose from One of Four Home Upgrades!

Upgrade Your Home's Technology Today!

Upgrade Your Home's Technology with One of Four Amazing Offers from Brandon Electric, Inc.

  1. Outlet with 2 USB charging ports (Amazon part number 402021-WHT) to use for charging phones, tablets and more. Supplied and installed. 1 for $120 or 2 for $195.
  2. Ceiling fan installation. Customer to provide ceiling fan. Standard type of ceiling fan installed to no more than 10’ ceilings. 1 for $125 or 2 for $200.
  3. Installation of an Amazon-TP-Link (HS200) switch for Amazon Echo. 1 switch with installation $145 or 2 switches for $255.
  4. Installation of exterior GFCI outlet, back-to-back from an existing outlet.  Normally $245. Reduced rate = $190.

Call (813) 653-1473 today to schedule your home upgrade from Brandon Electric, Inc. today!

Offer Expires 4/30/18. Limit one per household. No other discounts apply.

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