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Residential Electricians

Residential Electricians Serving The Tampa Bay Areas

Residential ElectriciansThere several electrical problems that are common and can happen at any home or business. Some of these problems can be more dangerous than others, which is why it’s best to know when the residential electricians and commercial electricians at Brandon Electric can help.

Common Electrical Problems

These electrical problems are easy to fix and aren’t as harmful as other more significant issues. Still, Brandon Electric can handle any job – large or small.

  • Loose Outlet Plug
  • Broken Light Switch
  • Simple Short Circuit
  • Damaged or Cut Extension Cords

These electrical problems require more than just a DIY fix and can be dangerous if you attempt them on your own. It is best to get the help of commercial or residential electricians for these issues.

  • Dimming or Flickering Lights: This can be a sign of a poor connection, and loose connections that make intermittent contact can result in overheating, sparking, and fires.
  • Light Bulbs Burning Out Frequently: If you are frequently experiencing bulb blowouts, this can indicate a larger problem than just overuse. There could be a loose connection in the circuit or the socket. If your recessed lighting is frequently failing, then nearby insulation could be causing an overheating problem. These fixtures are designed to shut off to prevent fires.
  • Dead Outlets: A dead outlet can be caused by a tripped connection or tripped breaker due to excessive heat buildup, which can result in melted outlets or wires.
  • Warm Switches or Outlets: Unless it is a dimming switch, a warm outlet is a safety concern and should be addressed by residential electricians as soon as possible.
  • Frequently Tripping Breakers: This is a sign the circuit is overloaded and using too much electricity. Commercial or residential electricians may need to upgrade your electrical service or add a circuit.

If there are electrical problems throughout your house or commercial space, you need to call the residential and commercial electricians at Brandon Electric. Safety around the home is essential, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to electricity.

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Our team of residential electricians at Brandon Electric is here to help you with your common home problems. We also have commercial electricians to serve businesses’ needs and serve those in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Winter Park, and nearby cities. Contact us today.

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