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LED Lighting For Your Home and Office

Installation of LED lighting in the home or office has become very common these past few years. We have seen the cost dramatically drop throughout the last couple of years making many installations more affordable.

The Early Days of LED Lighting

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. A Wikipedia articles list 1962 as the earliest use. With recent developments and advances in LED we are now seeing it used in many applications in the home and office. LED is still more expensive than the typical light bulb or fluorescent lights and HID lighting but the energy consumption with the long life span makes it a worthy investment.

LED Lights Replacing Incandescent lights

As incandescente bulbs become phased out all over the world the use of LED lighting will go up and this should also help bring the price down. In 2007 congress passed a law on the phase out. The phase out has been picking up speed over the past few years and once existing supplies in the United states are used up the incandescent bulb will be hard to find. Manufacturing has already stopped in the U.S. for making incandescent bulbs.

The lifespan on many of the LED lighting  in many cases are 50,000 hrs  to even over 100,000hrs compared to a compact fluorescent lamp at around 10,000 hrs or an incandescent at 1,200 hrs.

Advantages and Disadvantages for LED Lighting

LED lighting although it has many advantages it also has some disadvantages. A surge protector is recommended for the LED driver that power the light source. Since the entire lighting components are made up using electronics their weakness is power surges and lightning. The LED also looses some of its luster over time and becomes a little dimmer.

LED lighting is also available in a wide variety of color temperatures. The color temperature is measured in Kelvins. A yellowish type light has a Kelvin of around 2700K and a white light is around 4000K. LED lighting is also dimmable but requires special dimmer.

The most common use of LED lighting in the home are for the recess can lighting and exterior security lighting. Many homes with recess can lights in the kitchen typically have 6 or 8 lights with either the incandescent or halogen lamps. This increases the temperature in the kitchen and causes more heat. Making it more uncomfortable for the person cooking and also causes the temperature to rise so the A/C has to work more. The LED retrofit kits snaps right into most recess can housings making it an easy transition and if you have an existing dimmer you need to change it out to an LED dimmer.

For outdoor security lighting LED lighting cast a nice bright light. This is also helpful for those security lights that are up high and hard to reach. The LED light will require less maintenance.

Government Incentives offered for LED Lighting

For the office the use of LED bulbs is a no brainer. Conversion kits are available for most 2×4 fluorescent fixtures. Replacement fixtures are also available as (1)led light panel. Fluorescent lighting in offices are usually on all day and produce heat. The savings for the conversion is big once you get passed the investment pay off. There are also tax incentives to convert office spaces by many power companies and government. Check with your CPA or government official on the rebates for your area.

Led lighting is here to stay. LED may cost a little more at the cash register but you will get your investment back in savings over time. Save those receipt from purchasing LED at your home centers. LED lighting can still have some issues so you may buy some that do not last as long as the manufacture list in those cases having the receipt will make it easy for a refund or exchange.

Have you begun replacing your incandescent lamps with LED bulbs?