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Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Outdoor LED Flood Lights for Ultimate Security

Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Outdoor LED flood lights are often a go-to option for homeowners and business owners who are looking for a powerful - yet cost-effective - security lighting option. These lights can provide a "flood", or beam, of light to an entire region of your home or business exterior, making them an affordable way to keep your property lit up and would-be criminals at bay. If you are looking for a permanent lighting solution for the exterior of your property, speak to the experts at Brandon Electric today. We can complete wiring for any type of outdoor security lighting, including outdoor LED flood lights, landscape lights, motion sensors, and more.

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Why Choose Outdoor LED Flood Lights for Your Home or Business

LED flood lights are a great way - and perhaps the best way - to flood an enormous amount of light to an area, keeping your property safer and more secure, and because they are LED, they are extremely energy efficient and have a higher lumen per watt output than any other conventional lighting options. While you can utilize other outdoor lighting options, such as standard watt bulbs, LED outdoor flood lights offer a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Longer Life: LED lights last anywhere from 6-12 years, depending on how frequently they are used, which means they'll stay lit for up to 40x longer than a standard incandescent bulb.
  • More Efficient: We've mentioned this before, but it's so important to your bottom line. LED lights require 60-70% less energy than standard bulbs. That's a lot of energy savings - and money that can be better spent elsewhere.
  • Less Heat Output: LED lights don't put off near the same amount of heat as a standard incandescent bulb. They focus their energy output on light emission rather than heat.

There are so many reasons to choose LED flood lights for your outdoor security lighting needs, and the experts at Brandon Electric can help you decide if it's right for you. We can also provide wiring services and lighting installations to customers in Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, Thonotosassa, Riverview, and the surrounding regions, so contact us today to get started.

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