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Electrical Inspection Orlando

Electrical Inspection of Homes & Businesses

Electrical Inspection OrlandoBefore buying - or selling - any home or commercial property, it's important to conduct an electrical inspection to be sure the building is safe, up-to-code, and doesn't require any immediate repairs. The more up-to-date the electrical system, the better. Future buyers are always looking to ensure that major property systems are working optimally and won't soon create issues or expenses for them after taking over ownership of the property. If you are preparing to buy or sell residential or commercial property, turn to the experts at Brandon Electric, Inc. We offer comprehensive electrical inspection services, and we can get you on the schedule today!

What Is an Electrical Inspection?

Simply put, it is an inspection of all components, parts, and equipment contained within your electrical system, as well as a review of the performance, safety, and efficiency of the system as a whole. These maintenance and safety inspections may include:

  • Checking for Uncovered, Outdated, or Exposed Wiring
  • Testing Safety Switches, Power Points & Lighting
  • Testing Smoke Alarms
  • Pinpointing Any Electrical Hazards
  • Examination of the Electrical Panel
  • Evaluation of System Efficiency
  • Scanning for Non-Compliant Electrical Issues
  • and More!

Electrical inspections should be a part of any pre-purchase inspection, but they should also be considered at regular intervals throughout the duration that you own the property to ensure that your electrical system is always safe and well-maintained.

In the event that repairs or rewires are necessary, we can work with you to provide a quote to include in your inspection report and schedule repairs and service at a time that is most convenient for you. Our rates are always competitive while keeping our services best-in-class at every step of the way.

If you need an electrical inspection at your home or business in Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Butler, Crystal Springs, Riverview, or any of the neighboring areas across Central Florida, contact Brandon Electric, Inc. today, and our electrical contractors will help make sure that you are always Powered to Perform.

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