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What Is the Cost for Replacing Electrical Panel Boxes & Breakers?

Cost for Replacing Electrical PanelReplacing an electrical panel box is a big decision. While sometimes, a replacement is optional – other times, it is not. Electrical panels that are not working properly after repair, are not up-to-code, have a history of issues, including fire hazards and other potentially dangerous situations, or don’t meet your power and energy needs should be replaced, but most of these reasons require immediate replacement. If your electrical panel isn’t working properly, the answer could be simple. You might simply require an electrical panel repair or even a breaker repair. If not, you’ll probably need to price out a new panel and learn more about the cost for replacing electrical panel equipment.

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The Average Cost for Replacing Electrical Panel Boxes

In the U.S., the average cost for replacing an electrical panel is anywhere from $850 on the low end to up to $3,000 dollars on the high-end. Of course, this is for more standard amperage and power needs. If your needs go beyond that, your costs may escalate to amount of $4000 or more.

Your cost will depend entirely on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a straight replacement, we can find the most economical model that will meet your existing power needs. Or, if you are looking to expand your power potential, we can help set you up with a higher-grade panel that will better align with your needs. For more about the cost to upgrade electrical panel boxes and related equipment, read on.

I Only Need a Breaker Replacement. How Much Is That?

If it turns out you only require a circuit breaker replacement, rather than a full panel upgrade, costs for service will be far more reasonable. Depending on your panel box and existing wiring, it will range anywhere from $200-$250 and up. If you’re wondering how to replace a circuit breaker yourself, please be sure to read these safety tips.

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