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Electrical Services - Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

Thank you for taking the time to visit Brandon Electric. We work diligently to provide the highest quality electrical services in the industry. Family Owned & Operated 18 years Residential & Commercial Up-front pricing Licensed, Bonded and Insured A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau Angie's List Super Service Award Winner 5 years in a row! or Call Today 813-653-1473!


Residential and Commercial Services
Our service Department is one of the best in the industry.  Our customers are number one.  Word of mouth is one of the key reasons for our success.  All of our vehicles are stocked with thousands of parts to complete the repairs quickly.


When our electricians arrive, they will evaluate the problem and present you with the choices and options on cost of repairs before continuing with any work.  We realize for our success your investment of time and money must be minimal.


Advanced Trouble Shooting Techniques
Our electricians that serve the Brandon, Tampa  and Plant City areas for electrical repairs go through vigorous training and continuing education on trouble shooting techniques and National Electrical Code requirements.  Our electricians are equipped with the latest advancements in trouble shooting tools and techniques along with quality parts.

We also learn from each other in weekly training sessions where we discuss better ways to serve our customers.


Service Upgrades
If you live in our service area we can install service upgrades for your home or business.  Service upgrades are often needed on older homes.  At the time these homes were built there was not as much electrical equipment as there is now in the home that draws power.

Parts and equipment installed by Brandon Electric’s electricians for service upgrades are top quality.  Our electricians are well trained and schooled on installation techniques and codes for a safe and trouble free installation to deliver years of piece of mind.


This is usually required and recommended on older homes.  The wiring in older homes is inferior to what is installed to today’s standards.  If your home is located in our service area and in need of a rewire we can deliver a trouble free and energy efficient installation that meets and exceeds today’s guidelines by the National Electric Code.  These techniques are a trade secret.  It is one of our ingredients for success.  Please call for details or estimates for installations that can save you money on your electric bill.


New Construction, Rewires and Additions
Brandon Electric is committed to installing outstanding workmanship with top quality parts for every project. We are well experienced in new construction, rewires , remodels and additions. Every installation will meet or exceed the National Electrical Code. We are also confident that our bid numbers are well sharpened.

Brandon Electric pledges, if you decide to use our company, to work hard to become one of the best trades that you will work with. References are available upon request from builders we have worked with for many years. We stand by our reputation and believe we have one of the best in this area.


Solar Power
We are now licensed to install solar power systems for your home.

Solar power, with state and federal incentives, is cheaper than ever.  Cost of electricity will continue to escalate from power companies.

If you are looking to offset the cost of electricity and if you live in the Brandon or Tampa area or in Hillsborough, Pasco or Polk counties Brandon Electric would be happy to do an evaluation on your home to calculate the savings and the investment that will be needed.  Typically after 1 year and receiving the state and federal rebates, adding the extra value a system adds to a home, the homeowner will be ahead on the investment.

Builders should also consider adding the option to help sell their homes.


Meter Cans
Replacement of meter cans is typically needed when the interior jaws become defective or fatigued.  This can often be prevented with preventive maintenance.  When electricity flows through wire it produces heat.  This heat causes expansion and contraction.  The expansion and contraction causes the screws to loosen in your panel and meter.  Torqueing these screws once a year can prevent costly problems.  Brandon Electric Inc. offers a preventive maintenance program, please call for details.


Meter Banks
Meter banks are often needed in multi unit dwellings and commercial buildings.  Replacements of meter banks are often needed when their parts wear out due to fatigue and overheating or little to no maintenance.  To avoid these repairs perform maintenance on your system regularly.  The equipment Brandon Electric provides for replacement is top quality and will give years of service for your investment.


Landscape Lighting
Brandon Electric offers design and installation for landscape lighting.  We can also make repairs that are needed for your landscape lighting.


Lightning Inspection
Living in the Tampa and Brandon area exposes us to incredible lightning during the stormy season.  For inspection and repairs after your home has been hit, or nearly hit, by lightning call our service department.  The electricians will check your electrical panel and look for any signs of damage to your electrical system and make those repairs with your authorization.


Lightning Protection/Surge Protection
Protect your home from lightning damage.  We live in the lightning capital of the United States.  We should protect our greatest investments from this element.  Contact us for details on how to better protect your home or business from lightning and surges to your power system, CATV and phone system.


Electrical Inspections
When you’re in need of an electrical inspection for your home or business and live in our service area contact our service department.  Inspections are typically needed for insurance reasons or the sale of property.  It is always recommended when moving into a new home or business to determine if there are any electrical hazards to the system or major repairs that may be needed.


Bucket Truck Service
For repairs to parking lot lighting choose Brandon Electric bucket service.  We install top quality parts at the best prices.

Maintenance and repairs for auto dealerships overhead lighting require products that can help showcase your vehicles.  We offer a wide variety of products to give you choices so we can better serve you.  We also repair and maintain lighting for private communities and apartment complexes.


Auto Dealership lighting
Lighting for auto dealerships and car lots is very important to help showcase the automobiles. The wrong lighting can give the wrong look. These repairs need to be done quickly and to also match the existing lighting. When you choose Brandon Electric to do your electrical repairs we will go out of our way to please you. You can rest assure that we use top quality parts that will give you years of service. References are also available from customers that we have worked with for many years.


Parking Lot Lighting
Security lighting for parking lots and apartment complexes is very important for the safety of the people walking or using the area. Brandon Electric is committed to a fast response when called on by the customer. The lighting also needs to match the existing lighting and deliver years of service for the customer. We thank you for considering us for your project and we will go out of our way to make you happy.


Ceiling Fans
Ceiling fans of all types and sizes are installed by Brandon Electric Inc.  All of our installations are connected to properly braced fan boxes.  Fans are also balanced to avoid wobbling.


Spa Wiring/Spa Hookups
Once you have purchased your new or used spa tub contact our service department for the installation of wiring and connection to spa tub. Our company uses all copper wiring for installations.  We meet and exceed the National Electric Code requirements for installations on spa hook-ups and wiring.


Generator Hookups
Living in the Tampa and Brandon area in Hillsborough County Florida exposes us to the potential damages of hurricanes and losing power for periods of time. We can give you options that best fit your budget and power supply needs.  There are a wide variety of generators and transfer switches to choose from that is right for your purpose.


Facility Maintenance
Facility and warehouse maintenance is important to avoid down time in your business.  Our electricians that service the Tampa and Brandon Florida areas are trained for safety and customer satisfaction with techniques to reduce down time for your warehouse or facility.

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