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How to Replace a Circuit Breaker

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker in Your Home or Business

How to Replace a Circuit BreakerBefore attempting to replace a circuit breaker in your home or commercial property, be sure you have the proper tools, possess the necessary electrical knowledge, and understand all safety precautions and protocols. Those who do not know much about electricity might put themselves in danger or their property in harm’s way. That’s why we always recommend hiring a licensed, certified electrician for circuit breaker replacement. At Brandon Electric, we can replace a circuit breaker at any home or business across Tampa Bay and beyond. We serve customers all over the bay area, and we work hard to provide our customers with the best service at the best rates. Speak to our team today or read on to learn how our technicians will replace the circuit breaker at your property.

How to Replace a Circuit Breaker Safely

Assuming the circuit breaker is housed in a standard 2-pole main breaker with branch circuit compartments, our electricians will complete the following steps when replacing a circuit breaker:

  • Turn Off Power. Perhaps the most important safety step, turning off the branch circuit breakers and then the main circuit breaker are the first steps in any breaker replacement.
  • Verify There Is NO Voltage. Never assume that a breaker or panel is off simply because you flipped a switch. Our electricians will always use a voltage meter to ensure the power is completely shut off to protect our team members.
  • Remove Panel Cover. By removing the panel cover, our electricians can access the branch circuit breakers without exposing the main breaker compartment. NOTE: Homeowners should NEVER attempt to remove the panel to the main breaker. This should be reserved to licensed electricians only and is not necessary when replacing a circuit breaker.
  • Disconnect Current Wiring. The next step our electricians will take is to remove the existing wire from the faulty breaker. They will move that wire out of the way and carefully remove the defective circuit breaker.
  • Insert the New Breaker. Next, our electricians will insert the new breaker, being sure it fits and locks into the panel in the correct position.
  • Connect Wire to New Breaker. Once the new breaker is in place, our electricians will reconnect the wire that was removed from the old breaker.
  • Check Other Branch Circuits. Our electricians will typically check the other breakers throughout your panel to ensure that they are in place correctly and tightened to ensure best performance.
  • Replace Breaker Panel. Just before testing, our electricians will secure the panel cover back on the breaker box.
  • Double Check All Circuits Are Off. Before turning the power to the breaker panel back on, verify that all breakers are still in the off position.
  • Test the Circuits. The final step is testing your new breaker by turning the main circuit breaker back on and then turning on each individual branch braker one at a time. We’ll ensure that each is working properly and stays set as intended.

Contact Our Experts for More Information on How to Replace a Circuit Breaker at Your Property

With Brandon Electric, we make it easy for residential and commercial customers to schedule and receive much needed electrical services. If you are looking for a circuit breaker replacement, contact us today for more information or to schedule your service call. We can change breakers quickly and easily!

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