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Circuit Breaker Panel Repair

Circuit Breaker Panel Repair for Those in Central FL

Circuit Breaker Panel RepairElectricity is a dangerous and intimidating force. While there are many who would attempt circuit breaker panel repair or replacement on their own, it is highly recommend that you hire a licensed professional for any Tampa electrical services. There are many reasons why you might want to replace your circuit breaker. If your current circuit breaker has fallen out of regulation, you want to have more control over the power in different areas of your home or need to accommodate modifications to your home, circuit breaker repair, upgrades or replacement may be in order. No matter the reason, Brandon Electric Inc. can help.

If you are having problems with your circuit, there are a few easy things to try, and a great number of service calls could be avoided by checking for these simple problems. If a circuit gets overloaded or short circuited, it will need to be reset. A circuit gets overloaded if there are too many things plugged in and can short when there is a dangerous surge of electricity, such as a lightning strike. Be sure to unplug appliances and turn off all of the lights in the area of your home that the circuit services, so you can avoid overloading it again. Once all electronics are unplugged, flip the circuit switch off and on again.

If you can’t get your power back on, Brandon Electric can come out to diagnose the issue and perform circuit breaker panel repair, if necessary. We provide a broad range of services. In addition, Brandon Electric:

  • Has been the preferred provider of electric services across Hillsborough country for more than twenty years.
  • Offers same day service, including 24-hour emergency service.
  • Will never charge a fee for an estimate.
  • Has financing options available.

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If you are in Hillsborough County and need any kind of electrical services, contact us today. Our staff is fully trained, certified and insured to do every job - from a simple circuit breaker panel repair to a major commercial project. Tampa electrical services don't get any better than Brandon Electric Inc. We are proud to provide our unparalleled services to all of Tampa, Land O’ Lakes, Lake Fern, Cheval, Thonotosassa and the surrounding cities.

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