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Electrical Repair Throughout Central Florida

Electrical Repair inThe right electrical system will not only keep your electricity running smoothly, it will also minimize the risk of dangers, such as fire and electrocution. Before those dangers occur, there will be warning signs that you may need electrical repair in your residential or commercial space.

Signs You Need Electrical Repair

Our electricians at Brandon Electric can assist you if you notice any of these signs that it is time for electrical maintenance or repairs:

  • Repeated Blown Fuse: One blown fuse shouldn’t concern you, but recurring blown fuses need attention. This could mean there's an exposed power wire or an outdated panel.
  • Lighting Issue: If your light fixtures seem too dim or flicker, it could be a problem with the installation. However, if the issue isn’t just for one lamp, it could mean the connection is loose or the circuit is overloaded.
  • Buzzing Noises: If you notice strange noises from your outlets or devices, that could indicate loose writing. A professional should test each outlet, since outlets that are too hot can cause burns.
  • Loose Power Outlets: Power outlets shouldn’t shift when you unplug a device. This indicates a loose connection, which can lead to an electric shock.
  • Burning Odor: If you smell burning plastic or another odor, this indicates a problem with the wiring. It is time for an electrical repair in the room from which the smell is coming. This odor could be caused by too much heat being produced and possibly mean that your home or business is at risk of a fire.
  • Sparks: You shouldn’t see sparks of electricity in your home. This can mean heat is building up because of exposed wires. This could melt your outlets or cause a fire.
  • Shock When Unplugging: A shock from normal static shouldn’t be something to worry about, but if you experience a shock from your electrical outlets, this shows a problem. Get your system checked in order to avoid a shock that requires medical attention.
  • Switches and Outlets Don’t Work: Sometimes, an outlet or switch can wear out over time and require normal electrical maintenance. The professionals at Brandon Electric are here to help you with any electrical repair in your home or business.

If you notice any of these signs and think you need electrical repair in Orlando, Winter Park, Clermont, Kissimmee, Lakeland or throughout central Florida, contact Brandon Electric. We are the experts to trust with any electrical maintenance or repairs. We look forward to working with you soon!

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