Outdoor Christmas lighting safety tips

Outdoor christmas lighting safety
Christmas light holders installed on gutters

Outdoor Christmas Lighting safety tips

Here are some outdoor christmas lighting safety tips for transforming your home into a christmas wonderland. Installing  christmas displays and lighting can be a lot of fun but at the same time pose some challenges on where to plug everything in. 

Christmas lighting decoration come with fuses typically built in to end of the lighting string. When to many strings are connected together this fuse will blow. Never cut out and bypass these fuses. The wiring for most Christmas lighting is very small unable to cary a big load.

Installing hard wired GFCI outlets in strategic locations will help make the installations easier and safer. Be sure to use outdoor rated Christmas lighting outdoors. The wiring coating is protected from UV light to keep it from deteroratiing from the sun. The wiring and the bulbs are designed to be in the rain.

GFCI protection

All exterior christmas lights should be plugged into an outlet that is GFCI protected. These outlets have a test/reset button built into the front of them or the circuit breaker has a test reset button on them.  Plugging your outdoor Christmas lights into them  prevents accidental electrocution from lighting that is damaged or gets damaged through normal wear and tear. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter.  A GFCI outlet monitors the imbalance between the hot and the neutral wires. Moister and or damaged cords will trip the sensors in them. If you do need to plug cords together to daisy chain them use cord covers.  Cord covers will cover the male and female connections of the cord helps prevent GFCI outlets from tripping when it rains.

Stapling Christmas lighting

Don’t use a staple gun to hang the wiring for your Christmas lights. This can damage the cordage for your decorations and expose bare conductors that can cause serious shock . Instead use Christmas lighting clips or hangers.

Installing Christmas lighting on a metal chain link fence is not recommended. If there is damage to extension cord or lighting it can make contact with the metal fencing and energize the fencing creating a shock hazard.

When the wiring to your your decorations starts to dry out and crack you should not plug them in. Instead replace them with updated decorations.